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Well, according to the bible what's NEXT is
                                                      MASS - EVACUATION
                     Everyone who reads this message, and who is living at this last
                     hour, will have a part, either in the evacuation or in the purging.
                     Mass are evacuated from this world without any prior notice.

                              What are the signs of " MASS EVACUATION?"

                 The hour of the year we are NOT TOLD, but the signs of evacuation
                        ( Rapture or the Second Coming Of The Lord Jesus Christ)
                      and of the approaching "Tribulation" are in your Newspapers
                    everyday. The days would be as the days of Noah and Lot. ( Noah
                         lived before the great flood and escaped the judgement, because
                      he believed in Jehovah God. Lot on the other hand, witnessed the
                      destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

                               What is the significance of Noah and Lot's days?

                  They were pleasure seekers. Days were so corrupt like these days.
                  Political, moral, and spiritual corruption. Men were so violent and
                  indifferent towards God. They were eating, drinking, and marrying
                  as they like, just as today. Is it sinful to eat, drink and marry? You
                  may ask... The sin was not in doing them, but they found no time to
                  worship their Creator!!...

                         Some other important signs of MASS EVACUATION?

                  Famines, earthquakes, hurricanes, pestilences, atmospheric
                  pollution, drug problem, increase of witchcraft and occultism,
                 deliberate worship of Satan, false cults and false prophets, Jewish
                 people returning to their home land of Israel. Continuing conflict in
                 the Middle East, energy and economic crisis, invention of
                 biochemical weapons, deployment of nuclear weapons on the
                 Earth, in the sea and in the space. All of these are signs of the
                 EVACUATION!!! ( Rapture of the BORN-AGAIN saints) and the
                 beginning of the Great Tribulation.

                 For myself, I would not be surprised if the Lord Jesus comes even
                 before you have a chance to see this piece of information. So put
                YOUR HOUSE-IN-ORDER...
                MARANATHA...OUR LORD IS COMING!!!!

              " For God so loved the world, that he gave his ONLY BEGOTTEN
                 Son, that whosoever believe in Him should not perish but have
                 everlasting life..." ( John 3: 16 )

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